Ongoing Studies

  • Archaeological Studies in Support of Renewable Energy Development on the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf. The objective of this study is to collaboratively obtain limited baseline archaeological data near and within WEAs, wind planning areas, and associated ROWs in order to inform decision-making.The survey and investigations involve gathering geophysical survey data (e.g. side scan sonar, magnetometer, mutibeam echosounder) on selected targets of archaeological interest located within these areas; performing diver investigation of targets; gathering photography and videography; or employing other methods as determined appropriate by the team via the annual research design.
  • Archaeological Investigations in Support of Development of Energy and Mineral Resources on the US Outer Continental Shelf. The objective of this study is to gather additional information on previously identified geophysical targets to determine if they potentially represent archaeological sites, and if so, if they are eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). This information also will improve BOEM’s analysis of industry-provided remote sensing data supporting plans, and future selection of targets for avoidance and/or further investigation.
  • Battle of the Atlantic.  A five-year study with NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries, the objectives of this project are to collect detailed documentation of Axis and Allied losses in the Graveyard of the Atlantic offshore North Carolina. Results from this project will include a cumulative report on fieldwork and historical significance; National Register of Historic Places nominations; and multiple public outreach products.