BOEM and State of Oregon Participation in Standing Meetings

BOEM and the State of Oregon, led by the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD), are committed to offshore wind planning with a meaningful and effective data gathering and engagement process to inform the identification of a Call Area(s) appropriate for offshore wind leasing. More information on the BOEM-Oregon offshore wind planning effort can be found on the Oregon Offshore Renewable Energy factsheet.

As detailed in the 2020 Data Gathering and Engagement Plan for Offshore Wind Energy in Oregon, BOEM and DLCD are engaging through standing meetings with existing organizations, councils and commissions. BOEM and DLCD are continuing outreach and engagement on Oregon offshore wind energy planning and publicly available meetings scheduled for 2022 listed below.

The Data Gathering and Engagement Summary Report: Oregon Offshore Wind Energy Planning outlines the outcome of BOEM’s and DLCD’s engagement from October 2020 through December 2021  which included the following public meetings listed below.

Additionally, BOEM and DLCD presented an update on the Oregon offshore wind energy planning process to a number of county board of commissioners meetings. Meeting agendas and recordings, if available, can be found at the county board of commissioners website directly.

Public meetings organized by BOEM and DLCD are posted at