Revolution Wind Final EIS

Revolution Wind Final EIS

On July 17, 2023, BOEM announced the availability of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the proposed Revolution Wind energy project offshore Rhode Island.  The FEIS can be accessed using the links below. For more information on the proposed project, visit the Revolution Wind project page. 

Volume I and II: Revolution Wind Offshore Wind Farm Fraft Environmental Impact Statement (includes the FEIS in its entirety as one file) 

Volume I (as an individual file) 

Volume II: Appendices (as an individual file and separate files are below) 

A. Required Environmental Permits and Consultations 

B. List of Preparers and Reviewers, References Cited, and Glossary 

C. Analysis of Incomplete or Unavailable Information  

D. Project Design Envelope and Maximum-Case Scenario 

E. Planned Activities Scenario and Reasonably Foreseeable Future Activities and Projects 

F. Environmental Protection Measures and Mitigation and Monitoring  

G. Environmental and Physical Settings and Supplemental Information  

H. List of Agencies, Organizations, and Persons to Whom Copies of the Statement Are Sent 

I. Other Impacts  

J. Finding of Adverse Effect for Historic Properties and Draft Memorandum of Agreement  

K. Supplemental Information on Alternatives Development

L. Comments Received on Draft Environmental Impact Statement and BOEM’s Responses to Public Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement