Cape Wind Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) assesses the physical, biological and social/human impacts of the proposed project and all reasonable alternatives, including a no-action alternative (i.e., the project is not built), and proposed mitigation. The analysis is conducted in an objective fashion in order to determine if the proposal is environmentally sound. The FEIS is not a decisional document. After publication of the FEIS, as required by law, there is a minimum 30-day mandatory waiting period before the Bureau may issue a Record of Decision (ROD). The ROD will state clearly whether the Bureau intends to issue Cape Wind Associates a lease for construction, operation, and eventual decommissioning of the proposed wind facility. To obtain a single printed or DVD copy of the FEIS, e-mail Otherwise, please use the links provided below to download the FEIS in its entirety, or section by section.

(NOTE: this link takes you to the complete FEIS online. This is a very large document which will take some time to load. Once open, use the Table of Contents to navigate through the document.)

As a convenience, the links below are to the individual sections and appendices contained within the FEIS. All FEIS files are in Adobe's Portable Document File (PDF) format.