Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Due to the lapse in appropriations, no FOIA requests can be accepted or processed at this time. When the lapse in appropriations is resolved, we will again be able to accept and process FOIA requests.

HQ in Sterling, VA

Bureau FOIA Officer

45600 Woodland Road,
Sterling, Virginia 20166
Fax: (703) 787-1209

FOIA Contacts and Guidance

  • Request Mailbox:
  • FOIA Requester Service Center
       (703) 787-1128
  • FOIA Public Liaison
       (703) 787-1818

Directory of Key BOEM Officials

What's New

Make Electronic Payment

If you have received a FOIA Bill for Collection, you may use the information provided in it to make an electronic pay at the link below.