Design/Construction of Fixed Bottom Turbines

The majority of the studies in this category focused on design and construction considerations for fixed bottom wind turbines, primarily with monopile foundations. Valuable information was provided for upcoming wind farm projects in areas with little past research:

  • Cost estimation for construction and decommissioning;
  • Scour around monopiles; and
  • Cable design.

This category also addressed interrelated structural design issues, focusing on the unique risks to offshore wind farms on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), including:

  • Hurricane loading;
  • Vibrations and turbine periods;
  • Fatigue; and
  • Lateral loads under cyclic loading

More research is needed to address similar issues with other foundation types.

Project No.



Offshore Wind and Ocean Energy Installation Cost Estimation in the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf


Evaluate the Effect of Turbine Period of Vibration Requirements on Structural Design Parameters


Seabed Scour Considerations


Offshore Electric Cable Burial for Wind Farms: State of the Art; Standards and Guidance; Acceptable Burial Depths and Separation Distances; and Sand Wave Effects


Development of an Integrated Extreme Wind, Wave, Current, and Water Level Climatology to Support Standards-Based Design of Offshore Wind Projects


Checklist of Items for the Design Basis Document for Offshore Wind Turbines


Safety of Renewable Energy Operation in the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf


Establishment of Met-Ocean Data and Hazard Curves for Wind Energy Areas (WEAs) off the Atlantic Coast


Model Testing to Evaluate Degradation of Axial Capacity from Cyclic Loading


Design of Offshore Wind Turbine Monopiles for Lateral Loads


Laboratory Testing of Lateral Load Response for Monopiles in Sand


Cyclic Loading on Suction Bucket Foundations


Assessment of Partially verses Fully Coupled Dynamic Analysis of offshore Wind Turbines

Current Projects

Project No.


Performing Activity


Breaking Wave Loads on Offshore Wind Turbines

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