Current Statistics

Loss of sand from the Nation’s beaches, dunes, and barrier islands is a serious problem that affects both the coastal environment and the economy.

Sand, gravel, and other mineral resources from the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) are often used in beach nourishment, wetlands restoration, and other coastal restoration projects to address erosion issues.

BOEM has conveyed rights to millions of cubic yards of OCS sand for coastal restoration projects in multiple states. These projects have resulted in the restoration of hundreds of miles of the Nation's coastline, protecting billions of dollars of infrastructure, as well as important ecological habitat.

Key MMP Statistics

OCS sand authorized for use more than 147 million cubic yards of sand conveyed
Total number of leases executed 54 leases
Total number of projects completed 45 projects
Number of States with BOEM leases 8 states
Miles of coastline restored 321 miles of coastline restored

Marine Minerals Program Data Since Executing the First Lease in 1995.

Number of Projects 2017
Miles of Shoreline 2017 Cubic Yards Allocated by State

MMP-Related Studies Undertaken Since 1972.


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