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How We Assess Impacts

Environmental stewardship is integral to BOEM’s mission to manage development of the Nation’s offshore resources: oil and gas, renewable energy, and marine minerals such as sand and gravel or critical minerals. BOEM conducts environmental assessments to evaluate the impacts of our actions by using science, engaging stakeholders, and working with government partners. Our core values—service, stewardship, integrity, innovation, and excellence—enable BOEM’s 200 environmental scientists and policy experts to provide the public and decision-makers with a clear understanding of environmental risks and benefits so that these factors can be considered with other factors to meet our Nation’s energy and mineral needs.


What is Environmental Assessment?

View the environmental assessment process step-by-step and detailed breakdown of resources evaluated


Environmental Documents

NEPA documents, studies, reports, analysis, and related publications


How We Perform Environmental Assessment

See a visual story of the assessment process


About NEPA

What is NEPA and helpful links



Regulatory Framework and Guidelines

Environmental laws, statutes, and orders related to OCS planning