Office of Budget and Administration

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The Office of Budget and Administration (OBA) provides budget analysis and guidance for the formulation, Congressional, and execution phases of the budget cycle. OBA also oversees coordination with administrative service providers in the management of BOEM administrative activities. During the budget formulation cycle, the OBA develops and maintains all budgetary data to support BOEM’s budget requests to the Department, to the Office of Management & Budget (OMB), and to the Congress with submission of the Budget Justifications (“Greenbook”). During the Congressional phase, OBA provides answers to House and Senate questions and drafts testimonies and oral statements for Congressional hearings. Throughout the execution phase, the OBA tracks spending against line item budgets, analyzes budgetary and expense data and provides regular updates to BOEM executives on the status of funds. In addition, OBA responds to external data calls from the Department, OMB, and Congress. 

BOEM Congressional Budget Justifications