Toll Free Emergency Hotline Number

California Area Employees

Maintaining a state of readiness that will allow us to respond to emergency situations is critical for all of the workforce. The lessons we learned from Hurricane Katrina must provide building blocks to enable more effective responses to future disasters. One of the critical lessons learned was that our post-event methods of communicating with and accounting for our employees was seriously flawed. It took more than two weeks to account for our employees.

In an effort to alleviate this issue, we have established a toll free Emergency Information Hotline Number for all employees nationwide. That number is 1-866-436-4667 (select Option 3).

PLEASE NOTE: For short term emergencies/evocations affecting the California offices or location (e.g., adverse weather conditions, brush fires), please continue to call the local BOEM emergency number at (805) 384-6316 for information and instructions.