State Activities

BOEM has seen very strong interest in offshore renewable energy projects on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). BOEM is working closely with several states regarding offshore energy development and is in the process of coordinating federal-state task forces in certain coastal states. A summary of the status of activity in the different states can be found below.

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Renewable Energy Path Forward on the Atlantic

Offshore wind is an abundant domestic energy resource located close to major coastal load centers, providing an alternative to long-distance transmission or development of (onshore) electricity generation in these land-constrained regions.  

BOEM sought input on the Proposed Path Forward for Future Offshore Renewable Energy Leasing on the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf through a Request for Feedback (RFF) that published in the Federal Register on April 6, 2018.

In response to comments, BOEM’s Acting Director announced a “path forward” on offshore wind, which can be found here:

Current Leasing Status

Lease Number/Year Company Acres State  Current Status 
OCS-A 0482/2012 GSOE I, LLC 70,098 DE SAP
OCS-A 0519/2018 Skipjack Offshore Energy, LLC 26,332 DE COP
OCS-A 0483/2013 Virginia Electric and Power Company 112,799 VA SAP
OCS-A 0486/2013 Deepwater Wind New England, LLC 97,498 RI/MA COP
OCS-A 0487/2013 Deepwater Wind New England, LLC 67,252 RI/MA SAP
OCS-A 0490/2014 US Wind Inc. 79,707 MD SAP
OCS-A 0498/2016 Ocean Wind LLC 160,480 NJ SAP
OCS-A 0499/2016 Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind  183,353 NJ SAP
OCS-A 0500/2015 Bay State Wind LLC 187,523 MA COP
OCS-A 0501/2015 Vineyard Wind LLC 166,886 MA COP
OCS-A 0508/2017 Avangrid Renewables, LLC 122,405 NC SAP
OCS-A 0512/2017 Equinor Wind US LLC 79,350 NY SAP
OCS-A 0520/2018 Equinor Wind US LLC 128,811 MA  SAP
OCS-A 0521/2018 Mayflower Wind Energy, LLC 127,388 MA SAP
OCS-A 0522/2018 Vineyard Wind LLC 132,370 MA SAP 
Total   1,742,252    










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Regional Proposals

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