Stakeholder Engagement

Fishing Industry Communication

BOEM has created a place on our website to help commercial fishers learn more about BOEM’s mission and projects and to outline opportunities for providing input. For more information, visit Fishing and Offshore Renewable Energy.

Renewable Energy Task Force Engagement

BOEM's Renewable Energy Task Forces are one of our many vehicles for promoting partnerships. To ensure their continued success, we recently completed a study on how these exchanges can be improved to support the next phase of offshore wind development. This effort included interviews with a representative cross-section of task force members and resulted in recommendations on how to better utilize these groups.

For more information and the complete report, please visit:

Offshore Wind and Maritime Industry Knowledge Exchange

BOEM hosted the Offshore Wind and Maritime Industry Knowledge Exchange on March 5th and 6th, 2018.

At this workshop, subject matter experts discussed the regulatory regime governing offshore wind energy development, including measures to minimize risk to safety and disruptions to maritime transportation operations while supporting the development of domestic renewable energy.

For more information including pre-meeting materials, please visit:

A Citizen’s Guide BOEM’s Renewable Energy Authorization Process

In December 2016, BOEM published a guide to help the public understand BOEM’s process for overseeing renewable energy projects on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and to highlight opportunities for public involvement. To access the guide, click on the link below: