Volume II – Appendices

Updated May 2019

A Coastal Zone Management Consistency Statements (New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts) 

B South Fork Wind Farm Fisheries Communication and Outreach Plan

C1 Certified Verification Agent Nomination: Qualifications Statement Confidential

C2 Certified Verification Agent Nomination: Verification Plans Confidential

D Oil Spill Response Plan

E Safety Management System: Construction

F Project Supplemental Information

G1 Offshore—Plan and Profile Set

G2 Offshore—Conceptual Drawings

G3 Sea-to-Shore—Conceptual Drawings

G4 Onshore—Plan Set

G5 Onshore—Conceptual Drawings

H1 Integrated Geophysical and Geotechnical Site Characterization Report

H2 Geophysical Survey and Shallow Hazards Report 

H3 Geotechnical Data Report

H4 Sediment Profile Imaging and Benthic Survey Report 

H5 Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) Desktop Study

H6 Deep Geotechnical Survey Report

I Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Modeling Results

J1 Acoustic Assessment Report—Underwater 

J2 Acoustic Assessment Report—In Air

J3 Acoustic Assessment Report—Onshore

K1 Offshore Electric and Magnetic Field Assessment

K2 Onshore Electric and Magnetic Field Assessment

L South Fork Wind Farm and South Fork Export Cable Air Emissions Inventory— Calculations and Methodology

M South Fork Export Cable - Onshore Biological Resources Report

N Pre-Construction Sediment Profile and Plan View Imaging Benthic Assessment Report 

O Essential Fish Habitat Assessment

P1 Assessment of Impacts to Marine Mammals, Sea Turtles, and Sturgeon 

P2 Animal Exposure Modelling

Q Avian and Bat Risk Assessment

R Marine Archaeological Resources Assessment, Deepwater Wind - South Fork Wind Farm and Export Cable, Rhode Island And New York Confidential

S Phase 1 Archaeological Survey South Fork Export Cable-Onshore Cable & Substation Confidential

T Historic Architectural Resources Survey, South Fork Export Cable Onshore Substation

U Visual Resource Assessment, South Fork Export Cable Onshore Substation

V Visual Impact Assessment, South Fork Wind Farm

W Historic Resources Visual Effects Analysis, South Fork Wind Farm

X Navigational Safety Risk Assessment 

Y Commercial and Recreational Fisheries Technical Report

Z South Fork Wind Farm MetOcean Conditions Report Confidential

AA  Economic Development and Jobs Analysis for the South Fork Wind Farm and the South Fork Export Cable

BB1 Historic Resources Visual Effects Analysis - Operations and Maintenance Facilities Confidential

BB2 Archaeological Assessment - Operations and Maintenance Facilities Confidential