Alaska Region G&G Survey 15-01

SAExploration Inc.
Cook Inlet, 2015


SAExploration Inc. (SAE) submitted an application for a permit to conduct an ocean-bottom-node, marine seismic survey to acquire 3D seismic data using an airgun array as the energy source in the Cook Inlet Outer Continental Shelf Planning Area. The proposed permit activity is planned to start after March 6 and be completed by December 15, 2015. Survey Area Map


  • October 14, 2015: SAExploration notifies BOEM they have canceled plans to collect seismic data in the area approved under G&G Permit 15-01 during 2015. 
  • March 6, 2015: The Alaska Region Resource Evaluation Office issues G&G Permit 15-01 to SAExploration. Approval Letter and Attachments | Approved Permit Forms
  • October 29, 2014:  SAE Permit 15-01 application deemed complete with receipt of supplemental environmental information.
  • October 10, 2014:  SAE notified BOEM that due to delays in acquiring environmental authorizations, the activity proposed under pending G&G Permit 14-04 would be deferred until 2015. Updated application forms were submitted for review and the activity assigned a new designation as Permit 15-01.

For additional information, contact BOEM Alaska Region's Resource Evaluation Office at (907) 334-5320.