Environmental Justice Collaboration and Partnership

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Sea Grant

National Sea Grant Offshore Wind Liaison Initiative: Several agencies, including BOEM, work with the Sea Grant Offshore Wind Liaison Initiative to enhance the collaboration and communication of offshore wind development activities between Sea Grant and its partners. The mission of the Initiative is to be a broker of relevant scientific research and meet the information needs of all communities potentially affected by offshore wind development, including communities with environmental justice concerns.

Department of Energy, Wind Energy Technologies Office: BOEM collaborates with the Wind Energy Technologies Office on understanding societal impacts of offshore wind. The Department of Energy’s WINDExchange Program provides resources to help communities weigh the benefits and impacts of wind energy.  

Federal Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice (EJ IWG): This working group facilitates the active involvement of all federal agencies to implement Executive Order 12898. This working group provides a forum for federal agencies to collectively advance environmental justice principles. The EJ IWG works as a federal family to increase local community capacity to promote and implement innovative and comprehensive solutions to environmental justice issues.  

New York Bight Strategic Vision Community Engagement Subgroup: This subgroup coordinates activities pertaining to outreach, engagement, and the delivery of benefits from offshore wind development to and with underserved, disadvantaged, and overburdened communities in the New York Bight region.