North Aleutian Shelf COST No. 1 Well - Biostratigraphics Inc. Paleo Report

The North Aleutian COST No.1 Well was spudded September 8, 1982 and was completed on January 14, 1983. The well operator was ARCO, Inc. Water depth at the well site was 277 feet, and KB height above sea level was 85 feet. Well sediment samples were recovered from 1380 to 17,150 feet, MD (TMD = 17,155 feet). It remains the only well drilled in the North Aleutian Basin OCS area to the present time (October, 2014). The biostratigraphic report for the well was prepared by Biostratigraphics Consulting Micropaleontology of San Diego, California, and the summary results were submitted to the operator on January 24, 1983. The report includes a summary section and separate sections on foraminifera, palynology, siliceous microfossils (SN - siliceous nannofossils - on charts), calcareous nannofossils, and radiolaria. The foraminifera, palynology and siliceous microfossil sections include check sheet listings of species occurrences and abundances in the well.
The text files of the biostratigraphic report for the North Aleutian COST No.1 Well have all been scanned and are presented here in .pdf format. The report’s check sheets of microfossil occurrences have also been scanned and are included.
Two brief reports on megafossils found in conventional core samples from the well are also included here. The first, by Jay Marks, reports on molluscan fossil materials; the other, by Dave Dilcher, describes occurrences of leaf impressions and plant fragments.

Biostratigraphic Summary

Foraminifera Report

Palynology Report

Siliceous Microfossils Report

Calcareous Nannofossils Report

Radiolaria Report

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North Aleutian Shelf COST No.1, Core Samples - Molluscan Fossils - Marks

North Aleutian Shelf COST No.1, Core Samples - Plant Fossils - Dilcher