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Outreach and Education Resources

Education Resources

To encourage an ocean-literate public and an upcoming generation of marine scientists and engineers, BOEM's Environmental Studies Program-sponsored research results are sometimes used to prepare materials for teachers, including video and audio files. Sample teacher resources are described below.

Tidepool Math

Tidepool Math:

This award-winning math-based curriculum investigates environmental change in California's rocky intertidal shoreline habitat and has both K-8 and high school material. 


Lophelia II

Lophelia II: Understanding Deep-Sea Coral Ecology:

This is a problem-based curriculum for Grades 9-12 biology/earth science based on the real-life practice of prioritizing exploratory drilling sites to minimize ecosystem impact.


Fact Sheets
These educational posters include topics such as shipwrecks, sea turtles, whales and dolphins, and discoveries made during BOEM-sponsored OCS research.

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Science Notes
Read BOEM's science and technology journal highlights on recent ocean science relating to offshore energy recovery, marine minerals, and ocean stewardship.

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Ocean Science
Browse brief features on particular BOEM studies or issues of interest.

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Quarterly Reports
View summaries of environmental study reports made available on ESPIS each quarter.