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NEW! - The BOEM ESP Hub is the ESP's latest outreach tool for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Social Sciences research on over 50 topical and timely research themes addressing BOEM's most pressing offshore energy and minerals information needs. The ESP built the ESP Hub using the ArcGIS Online, making ESP research more accessible through straightforward website navigation and an interactive web map experience.  

For each research theme, you can select from regional bookmarks and zoom in on specific areas of interest to find relevant completed ESP research, along with associated reports and publications. Research themes also are enhanced with related content such as research applications and examples of sample collections and datasets hosted by partner institutions.

The ESP Quarterly Reports provide one-page summaries for the environmental study reports published each quarter.

Visit the archives for previous quarterly reports.



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Access 50 years of BOEM Environmental Studies on GovInfo.gov!

BOEM’s Environmental Studies catalog on GovInfo provides the most authoritative and comprehensive public inventory of ESP publications, reports, and technical summaries. This repository houses over 50 years of ocean science spanning the Alaska, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Pacific Outer Continental Shelf. The research covers diverse disciplines, including air quality (AQ), fates and effects (FE), habitat and ecology (HE), information management (IM), marine mammals and protected species (MM), physical oceanography (PO), and socio-economics (SE). 

Users can search the full repository or use GovInfo's Advanced Search capabilities, which enables users to search by subject or metadata fields (known as MODS, based on the Library of Congress metadata standard). To narrow down a search, use "mods:" before search terms using the examples below.

BOEM Metadata Search Example 
NSL mods:identifier:"GM-92-42-01"
FundingCategory (e.g., Habitats and Ecology, HE)mods:identifier:HE 
StudyTitle mods:field:(@name:"Study Title":"exploratory study") 
ObligationNumber mods:field:(@name:"Obligation Number":"14-35-0001-30660-19903") 
MEDIN Disciplines, Resource Categories, and free text keywordssubject:"Marine Biodiversity" 
Geographic Scope (including Alaska, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, or National) mods:field:(@name:"Geographical Scope":"Alaska") 
ReportTitle title:"Management applicability of contemporary" 
ReportNumber mods:field:(@name:"Report Number":"2001-095") 
ReportYear publishdate:2019 
ReportAuthor personalauthor:campbell 
documentType fedpubname: "Final Report" or fedpubname:"Technical Summary" 
Government Author governmentauthor:Interior 
governmentauthor:(Bureau of Ocean Energy Management) 
CSE Style reference mods:field:(@name:"CSE Reference":"Louisiana State University") 

On May 9, 2023, BOEM held an online tutorial on the new ESP Hub and GovInfo toolsets. In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to locate Environmental Studies Information links on the BOEM website and conduct a live demo of the ESP Hub to help prototypical users find relevant studies information. We explain the differences between the ESP Hub and the GovInfo website, highlight when users may want to use either of the two respective information resources, and answer live audience questions.