Former MidA RPB Representatives

Public comment session during the March 2016 MidA RPB meeting

     photo courtesy of Arlo Hemphill, MARCO

MidA RPB Roster

The MidA RPB is composed of representatives from:

  • The MARCO states (New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia)
  • Federally-recognized tribes in the region, including the Shinnecock Indian Nation and the Pamunkey Indian Tribe
  • The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council
  • Eight Federal agencies with ocean interests:
    • Department of Agriculture (represented by the Natural Resources Conservation Service)
    • Department of Commerce (represented by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
    • Department of Defense (represented by the U.S. Navy and the Joint Chiefs of Staff)
    • Department of Energy (represented by Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy)
    • Department of Homeland Security (represented by the U.S. Coast Guard)
    • Department of the Interior (represented by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management)
    • Department of Transportation (represented by the Maritime Administration)
    • Environmental Protection Agency