Geological And Geophysical Data - Atlantic OCS Region

BOEM makes Geological and Geophysical Data publicly available pursuant to current regulations covering data types and propriety terms. These terms and conditions are set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Parts 550 and 551.

Geological and Geophysical data for the Atlantic Region can be requested through the BOEM Public Information Office.  Or may be downloaded via the BOEM Public Information Ordering System or the BOEM Data Center.

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Available Data for the Atlantic OCS Region

Continental Offshore Stratigraphic Test (COST) and industry exploration drilling, 1976-1984

Ten wells were drilled in Federal waters on Georges Bank, offshore from New England, in 1976 through 1982. Two Continental Offshore Stratigraphic Test (COST) wells were drilled to provide geologic information before the first North Atlantic Planning Area oil and gas lease sale in 1979. Subsequently, eight exploration wells were drilled by industry. The following reports summarize engineering, geological, and wire line data and information from these wells.

Well Folios

The Georges Bank basin well folio project provides insights from BOEM geoscientists in a petroleum system context, incorporating data, key learnings, and conclusions of each prospect drilled in a concise report. Because there were no discoveries, description and analysis of the failure of specific petroleum system elements and/or processes are the basis of the reports. The Georges Bank well folios are presented in chronological order. Multiple play/prospect types were tested. However, because the wells were drilled consecutively, there was little evolution in exploration concepts tested beyond those originally proposed by operators in their plans of exploration. Each folio provides information on pre-drill objectives, post-drill results, operations and cost, exploration concept/well target, and petroleum system analyses, interpretations, and implications.

Folios for all industry new field wildcat wells are below.

Baltimore Canyon Trough

From 1978 through 1984, 32 industry wells (25 new field wildcats and 7 outpost/extension/delineation wells in the Hudson Canyon 598 area) were drilled in the Baltimore Canyon Trough offshore New Jersey and Maryland. Two industry supported COST wells were drilled in 1976 & 1979. One discovery in the Hudson Canyon 598 area resulted. All 8 wells in this four OCS block area had hydrocarbon shows and 5 were successfully drillstem tested.

Well Reports

Reports on ten of the thirty-four (34) wells drilled in the Baltimore Canyon Trough, mid-Atlantic Planning Area available in the following release.

Exploration Reports for the Atlantic OCS are available in the following releases.