BOEM Announces Environmental Study Reports Posted During the Fourth Quarter FY 2015

Enhanced ESPIS Tools Help Visualize Data


 Drifter tool animated data_Chukchi_Beaufort study
Animated tracks of drifter circulation in the
Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, based on satellite data.
Image: University of Alaska Fairbanks

The Environmental Studies Program (ESP) announces the availability of five study reports that were posted online via the Environmental Studies Program Information System (ESPIS) from July-September 2015. The new postings relay findings from regional studies for Alaska, the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. The reports and associated technical summaries can be accessed through the enhanced ESPIS, which displays reports with new geo-referencing tools, animation and other new features. Links to documents below will show both the final report and the technical summary.

Topics covered in the latest postings include:



Gulf of Mexico:

BOEM’s Environmental Studies Program (ESP) develops, funds, and manages rigorous scientific research to inform policy decisions regarding the development of energy and mineral resources on the OCS.

The Environmental Studies Program Information System (ESPIS) makes all completed ESP reports available on-line as full electronic pdf documents, including images and graphics. Technical summaries of more than 1,200 BOEM-sponsored environmental research projects, as well as full pdf documents of over 3,400 research reports, are available for online full text search.

BOEM’s Environmental Studies Program page contains additional information on research opportunities and other aspects of the program. You can also follow our work on Facebook, Twitter and Flicker.

Dr. Rodney E. Cluck
Department of the Interior
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Chief, Division of Environmental Sciences
Environmental Studies Program