Carolina Long Bay Task Force

The task force meeting took place virtually over Zoom from 9-4:30 p.m. EST on Wednesday, July 21. The agenda can be found here:

The meeting focused on the following topics:

  • Past and present of Carolina Long Bay offshore wind development
  • Approach for possible lease sale
  • Discussion with federal, tribal, state, and local government officials

The meeting outlined the basic principles and major decision points BOEM is considering for offshore renewable energy leasing in the Carolina Long Bay area. BOEM also updated task force members on recent planning activities.

Task Force Presentations:

Additional information can be found on the history of North Carolina and South Carolina Task Force engagement at the following locations.

North Carolina Overview
North Carolina TF meetings
South Carolina Overview and TF meetings
DOD Response Carolina Long Bay Planning Areas

Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Task Force for Carolina Long Bay Virtual Meeting Via Zoom

July 21, 2021
9:00 am to 4:30 pm EST

Meeting Objectives

  • Refresh all on the Carolina Bay Wind Energy Area
  • Provide an overview of and seek in-depth feedback on the draft Proposed Sale Notice and related auction format
  • Provide forum for discussion and information to ensure BOEM is informed about TF members’ interests
  • Provide opportunities for public input about the topics being considered by the Task Force.

Note: Agenda sessions will include time for facilitated dialog among all task force members, both in plenary and breakout sessions. All plenary sessions will be open to interested members of the public. Breakout sessions will be for Task Force members only and key discussion points will be shared back in plenary.



5 min


  • Jim Bennett, Chief, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), Office of Renewable Energy Programs (OREP)

25 min

Introductions & Opening Remarks

  • Amanda Lefton, Director, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
  • Tribal representatives (afforded opp. Ahead of time to give opening remarks)
  • Jeremy Tarr, Senior Advisor for Climate Change in the Office of the Governor
  • Elizabeth von Kolnitz, Chief SCDHEC-Ocean & Coastal Resource Management

10 min

Agenda Review & Ground Rules, Patrick Field, CBI, Facilitator

25 min

Background on Development of the Carolina Long Bay Wind Energy Areas,
Casey Reeves, BOEM

  • Purpose and intent of re-engaging on wind energy development
  • Presentation the history of the regional wind energy planning efforts, BOEM Process including timeline to present
  • Opportunity for Task Force questions and comments

60 min

Opportunity for Tribal & Federal Agency Perspectives

  • Tribal Representatives
  • Steve Sample, Military Siting Clearinghouse, US Department of Defense,
  • George Detweiler, United States Coast Guard Navigation Center
  • John Walter, NOAA Fisheries Southeast Fisheries Science Center
  • Dana Bethea, Cynthia Cooksey, and Nikhil Mehta, NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional Office
  • Opportunity for Task Force questions and comments

10 min

Coffee/Stretch Break

25 min

Outer Continental Shelf Wind Energy Leasing in Carolina Long Bay– Proposed Sale Notice, Project Coordinator, Casey Reeves,, and Genevieve Brune, BOEM

  • Presentation on Proposed Sale Notice (PSN) Elements
  • Wilmington East, Proposed Area
  • Lease OCS-A 0545
  • Environmental Reviews
  • Opportunity for Task Force questions and comments

25 min

Outer Continental Shelf Wind Energy Leasing in Carolina Long Bay—Auction Format and Lease Terms, Joshua Gange, Project Coordinator, BOEM

  • Overview of Auction Format and Lease Terms
  • Opportunity for Task Force questions and comments

12:05 – 1:00
55 min

Lunch Break

45 min

State Perspectives: North Carolina

  • Jennifer Mundt, Senior Policy Advisor, NCDEQ
  • Opportunity for Task Force questions and comments

State Perspectives: South Carolina

  • Elizabeth von Kolnitz, Chief SCDHEC-Ocean & Coastal Resource Management
  • Opportunity for Task Force questions and comments


Adjourn plenary session (in Zoom Webinar) of Task Force
10-minute break Reconvene Task Force only session (in Zoom Meeting)

Task Force-ONLY Session



5 min

Reconvene - Session Overview

  • Convened in Zoom meeting

45 min

Task Force Member-only Breakout Sessions

  • Opportunity for small group discussions and feedback on key questions from BOEM.

Final Plenary Session (Open to all interested members of the public)



2:45 -2:50
5 min


  • Convened in Zoom webinar
  • Brief welcome and intro | re-orient folks to Zoom Webinar (if needed)

40 min

Report Out and Discussion from Breakout Sessions

  • Report back from each breakout session on key points from discussion
  • Opportunity for broader discussion

45 min

Public Input Opportunity
Opportunity for public input on topics under Task Force discussion

5 min

Action Items and Next Steps
Casey Reeves, BOEM, and Patrick Field, CBI, Facilitator

10 min

Closing Remarks and Adjourn

  • State of NC
  • BOEM