West Coast Renewable Energy Science Exchange

Basket stars photographed on the ocean floor off Oregon. BOEM photo   Aerial surveys provide abundance estimates for marine birds and mammals. BOEM photo   Benthic surveys conducted by OSU collect sediment and photos of the ocean bottom. BOEM photo   Sandbar sharks considered in electomagnetic field (EMF) study. BOEM photo

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) presented the West Coast Renewable Energy Science Exchange from November 2019 through September 2020. This series of bimonthly webinars focused on BOEM-funded scientific research offshore California, Oregon, and Washington that will inform decisions about the planning, leasing, and development of ocean renewable energy in those areas. The webinars were led by subject matter experts based in the BOEM Pacific Regional Office in Camarillo, California. Presentation slides, and Q&A Summaries from selected webinars, can be accessed in the below table.

BOEM is considering expanding the scope of the Science Exchange to include other geographic areas and topics of interest, and we welcome your ideas and suggestions. Please send suggestions to Cathie Dunkel, BOEM Pacific Environmental Studies Coordinator, at catherine.dunkel@boem.gov.

Click on the title to view the presentation slides.

November 13, 2019 An Overview of Floating Offshore Wind and the Use of Spatial Data on the West Coast
Presenter: Frank Pendleton, Biologist/GIS Coordinator, BOEM
January 8, 2020 Birds and Offshore Wind Energy Development: BOEM’s Avian Study Strategy to Assess Data Needs and Effects
Presenter: David Pereksta, Avian Biologist, BOEM
March 11, 2020 Understanding the Potential Effects of Offshore Wind Development to Fishes, Essential Fish Habitat, and Fisheries
Presenter: Donna Schroeder, Marine Ecologist, BOEM
May 13, 2020 Understanding Potential Effects of West Coast Offshore Renewable Energy Development on Marine Mammals and Q&A Summary
Presenter: Desray Reeb, Marine Biologist, BOEM
July 8, 2020 Overview of BOEM-funded Historic Preservation Research on the Pacific OCS and Q&A Summary
Presenter: David Ball, Marine Archaeologist, BOEM
September 9, 2020 Overview of BOEM-funded Research about Benthic Habitats and Geohazards on the West Coast
Presenters: Lisa Gilbane, Biologist, BOEM and Jennifer Miller, Geophysicist, BOEM