ESP Report Specifications

The ESP Report Specifications provides instructions for authors, vendors, CORs, project officers, and editors. These specifications apply to all reports prepared for BOEM’s ESP, regardless of vendor type (i.e., private sector entities and academic or public government institutions through contracts or cooperative agreements, and Federal partners through inter/intra agency agreements). The ESP Report Specifications are incorporated by reference in project awards and are supplied to the selected vendor.

This document serves as a model for environmental studies reports. The elements presented in the ESP Report Specifications serve as visual examples of how these specifications should be applied to ESP reports, which must be professional in appearance, reviewed for technical accuracy, and edited for clear language and compliance with these specifications.

  • The ESP Report Specifications (Print Version) has blank pages added to facilitate double-sided printing. The other version of the EPS Report Specifications is designed for digital viewing and use

For awards prior to Fiscal Year 2014, prior specifications may apply. Contact your Contracting Officer’s Representative or Project Officer to determine the appropriate specification for your project.