Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Action Plan

OAP cover

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body (MidA RPB) submitted the Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Action Plan to the National Ocean Council for certification, as stated in the November 2016 Federal Register notice. On December 7, 2016, the NOC announced through the White House blog that the Plan has been certified and the MidA RPB will begin implementation. The MidA RPB revised the Plan after considering all public comments received during the 60-day public comment period and during the open house public listening sessions hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean (MARCO) throughout the region. The Plan and related materials -- including a detailed response to comments document describing how the MidA RPB incorporated public input -- are posted below.

Starting in 2013, the MidA RPB designed and carried out a regional ocean planning process in collaboration with the general public, stakeholders, and partners such as MARCO and the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal Team. The main product of this collaborative effort is the Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Action Plan. The Plan is the first of its kind in this region. It will improve coordination and information sharing as we work together to better manage our region’s ocean ecosystems and resources.

The MidA RPB announced the availability of the Draft Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Action Plan (Draft Plan) for public review and comment from July 6 through September 6, 2016, and the MidA RPB encouraged feedback from all interested stakeholders. The MidA RPB considered all public comments received by September 6, 2016 in revising the Plan for submission to the National Ocean Council. All stakeholders were also invited to participate in a series of Open House public listening sessions, hosted by MARCO, in the Mid-Atlantic states during July to learn about the Draft Plan and provide comments.