Technical Announcements 1998

98-0057 Assessment of PAH Composition of Diesel Fuel Sorbed to Marine Sediments and Their Toxicity to Aquatic Food Webs
98-0050 A Critical Review of Four Types of Air Quality Models Pertinent to MMS Regulatory and Environmental Assessment Missions
98-0046 Social and Economic Consequences of Onshore OCS-Related Activities in Coastal Alabama Final Baseline Report
98-0040 An Observational Study of the Mississippi-Atchafalaya Coastal Plume Final Report
98-0039 Long-Term Effects of Contaminants from OCS Produced-Water Discharges at Pelican Island Facility, Louisiana
Texas-Louisiana Shelf Circulation and Transport Processes Study: Synthesis Report, Volume I, Technical Report and Volume II, Appendices
98-0032 Estimated Proved and Unproved Oil and Gas Reserves Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf, December 31, 1996
98-0022 Workshop on Environmental Issues Surrounding Deepwater Oil and Gas Development
98-0018 Effects and Management of Oil Spills in Marsh Ecosystems: A Review Produced from a Workshop Convened July 1996 at McNeese State University
Minerals Management Service Gulf of Mexico Region Releases Digital Well Logs in Canadian Log ASCII Standard (LAS) Format
Atlas of Northern Gulf of Mexico Gas and Oil Reservoirs
Volume 1. Miocene and Older Reservoirs; Volume 2. Pliocene and Pleistocene Reservoirs

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