Technical Announcements 2001

2001-102 Surface Circulation and the Transport of the Loop Current into the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
2001-101 Long-term Monitoring at the East and West Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary 1998-1999
2001-095 Management Applicability of Contemporary Deep-Sea Ecology and Reevaluation of Gulf of Mexico Studies
2001-094 Survival of a Hydrocarbon-Utilizing Bacterium when Introduced into Native and Foreign Environments
2001-093 Velocity and Transport Characteristics of the Louisiana-Texas Coastal Current during 1994
2001-087 2000 Assessment of Conventionally Recoverable Hydrocarbon Resources of the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic OCS as of January 1, 1999 OCS Report MMS 2001-087 January 1, 1999
2001-086 Atlas of Gulf of Mexico Gas and Oil Sands as of January 1, 1999
2001-080 Mississippi/Alabama Pinnacle Trend Ecosystem Monitoring, Final Synthesis Report
2001-078 How Does Produced Water Cause a Reduction in the Genetic Diversity of Harpacticoid Copepods Final Report (Coastal Marine Institute)
2001-077 Across-Shelf Larval, Postlarval, and Juvenile Fish Collected at Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms and a Coastal Rock Jetty West of the Mississippi River Delta
2001-066 Chemistry in the Gulf of Mexico--An Informative Poster and Teacher's Companion
2001-065 The Deep Sea Gulf of Mexico: An Overview and Guide
2001-064 Deepwater Physical Oceanography Reanalysis and Synthesis of Historical Data: Synthesis Report
2001-063 Spatial and Temporal Variability of Plankton Stocks on the Basis of Acoustic Backscatter Intensity and Direct Measurements in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
2001-057 Investigation of Pressure and Pressure Gradients along the Louisiana/Texas Inner Shelf and Their Relationships to Wind Forcing and Current Variability
2001-054 Dispersion in Broad, Shallow Estuaries: A Model Study
2001-052 Air Quality: User's Guide for the Gulfwide Offshore Activities Data System (GOADS) Final Report
2001-050 Improved Geohazards and Benthic Habitat Evaluations: Digital Acoustic Data with Ground Truth Calibrations
2001-044 Daily Oil and Gas Production Rate Projections From 2001 Through 2005 Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf
2001-037 The Promise of Deep Gas in the Gulf of Mexico
Assessment of Historical, Social, and Economic Impacts of OCS Development on Gulf Coast Communities, Volume I: Executive Summary and Volume II: Narrative Report
2001-025 Wind and Eddy-Related Circulation on the Louisiana/Texas Shelf and Slope Determined from Satellite and In-Situ Measurements: October 1993-August 1994
2001-020 Lafourche Parish and Port Fourchon, Louisiana: Effects of the Outer Continental
Shelf Petroleum Industry on the Economy and Public Services, Part 2
2001-019 Lafourche Parish and Port Fourchon, Louisiana: Effects of the Outer Continental
Shelf Petroleum Industry on the Economy and Public Services, Part 1
2001-013 Forecasting the Number of Offshore Platforms on the Gulf of Mexico OCS to the Year 2023
2001-011 Deepwater Program: Literature Review, Environmental Risk of Chemicals Used in Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Oil and Gas Operations,Volume I: Technical Report and Volume II: Appendices
Feb 2001 Comparative Risk Analysis of Deepwater Production Systems

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