Technical Announcements 2008

2008-001 Deepwater Currents in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico Observations at 25.5°N and 87°W
2008-006 Sperm Whale Seismic Study in the Gulf of Mexico, Synthesis Report
2008-009 Investigations of Chemosynthetic Communities on the Lower Continental Slope of the Gulf of Mexico: Interim Report
2008-012 Proceedings: Twenty-Fourth Gulf of Mexico Information Transfer Meeting, January 2007
2008-015 Lophelia Reef Megafaunal Community Structure, Biotopes, Genetics, Microbial Ecology, and Geology (2004-2006)
2008-017 Examination of the Development of Liquefied Natural Gas on the Gulf of Mexico
2008-018 Viosca Knoll Wreck: Discovery and Investigation of an Early Nineteenth-Century Wooden Sailing Vessel in 2,000 Feet of Water
2008-019 Post-Hurricane Assessment at the East Flower Garden Bank Long-Term Monitoring Site: November 2005
2008-022 Effects of Subsea Processing on Deepwater Environments in the Gulf of Mexico
2008-024 Executive Summary: 3rd International Deep-Sea Coral Symposium in Miami
Long-Term Monitoring at the East and West Flower Garden Banks, 2004-2005 Interim Report: Volume I: Technical Report and Volume II: Appendices
2008-029 Five-Year Meteorological Datasets for CALMET/CALPUFF and OCD5 Modeling of the Gulf of Mexico Region
Study of Deepwater Currents in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico: Volume I: Executive Summary and Volume II: Technical Report
History of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry in Southern Louisiana, Final Report: Volume I: Papers on the Evolving Offshore Industry; Volume II: Bayou Lafourche – Oral Histories of the Oil and Gas Industry; Volume III: Morgan City's History in the Era of Oil and Gas – Perspectives of Those Who Were There; Volume IV: Terrebonne Parish; Volume V: Guide to the Interviews; Volume VI: A Collection of Photographs
2008-048 Platform Debris Fields Associated with the Blue Dolphin (Buccaneer)Gas and Oil Field Artificial Reef Sites Offshore Freeport, Texas: Extent, Composition, and Biological Utilization
Labor Needs Survey: Volume I: Technical Report; Volume II: Survey Instruments
2008-052 Benefits and Burdens of OCS Activities on States, Labor Market Areas, Coastal Counties, and Selected Communities
2008-058 Cumulative Increment Analysis for the Breton National Wilderness Area

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