Marine Mineral Environmental Studies

The BOEM Marine Minerals Program (MMP) funds environmental research to ensure we understand how our decisions impact the environment. Study results are used to develop or recommend appropriate mitigation or monitoring techniques to avoid, alleviate, or prevent adverse environmental impacts. Listed below are reports resulting from marine minerals studies.

For additional information on ongoing studies, the National Studies List (proposed studies for a given fiscal year), report specifications, and future studies planning, see links below:

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National Studies List
Satellite-tagged loggerhead sea turtle
Satellite-tagged loggerhead sea turtle
(U.S. Geological Survey)
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Wave glider unmanned surface vehicle
man holding red drum fish
Red drum


MMP focuses its research funding on several disciplines, which are indicated (via the acronym) next to the study name in the state listings below: 

Social Science and Economics


The study of human societal relationships and the study of the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth

Air Quality


The condition of the air within our surroundings and the impacts to this air from dredging operations

Habitat and Ecology


The natural home or environment of a plant, animal, or other organism and the interaction of an organism with this environment

Marine Mammals and Protected Species


The study of marine mammals or other species protected under the Endangered Species Act

Fates and Effects


The study of the potential impacts on marine life as a consequence of dredging

Physical Sciences/Modeling


The potential for alteration in the local wave field and increased wave action following dredging and any adverse localized changes in erosional patterns and longshore coastal transport

Cultural Resources


Studies that document the physical evidence and places of past human activity, and examine potential impacts to them from MMP activities. Cultural resources include sites, structures, objects, and landscapes, or natural features of significance to a group of people traditionally associated with it.

Listed below are final reports that are a result of MMP research. MMP research may result in 1) final reports, 2) technical reports, 3) data products, and 4) related publications. For additional reports, data products, and related publications, please query here:

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