Gulf of Maine

Next Steps for Research and Commercial Leasing in the Gulf of Maine

What's New?

On August 18th, the Department of the Interior announced two significant milestones in its efforts to advance offshore wind planning and leasing in the Gulf of Maine:

  • Request for Interest (RFI) – first step in the commercial leasing process for the Gulf of Maine​
  • Request for Competitive Interest (RFCI) – Response to State of Maine research application 

The publication of these Federal Register notices on August 19, 2022, initiated two separate 45-day comment periods that will close on Monday, October 3, 2022.

Video: Next Steps for Research and Commercial Leasing in the Gulf of Maine

Efforts Underway

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Public Engagement

Task Force Meetings

In January of 2019, Governor Christopher Sununu of the State of New Hampshire requested the establishment of an intergovernmental offshore wind renewable energy Task Force for the state. Given the regional nature of offshore wind energy development, BOEM decided to establish a Gulf of Maine Task Force, which is composed of federal officials and elected Tribal, state, and local officials from Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

There have been two Gulf of Maine Task Force Meetings to date, and more can be expected as BOEM progresses through the different milestones of the planning and leasing process: