Working With The Bureau Of Safety And Environmental Enforcement

bseeThe Bureau of Oceanic Energy Management (BOEM) functions as the resource manager for conventional and renewable energy and mineral resources on the Outer Continental Shelf.  BSEE promotes and enforces safety in offshore energy exploration and production operations and assures that potential negative environmental and other impacts on marine ecosystems and coastal communities are appropriately considered and mitigated. With their functions and mission tied so closely together, BOEM and BSEE work together to maintain a functioning and effective process.  

Memorandum of Understanding

BOEM and BSEE signed a Memorandum of Understanding that is intended to help both agencies minimize duplication of effort, promote consistency in procedures and regualations, and resolve disputes. Separate Memoranda of Agreement describe more specific roles and responsibilities of the two bureaus and are designed to be updated by changing practices, law, or technology.

Memorandum of Agreements (MOA)

The MOAs are designed to establish principles and commonality across regions for particular interdependent functions and provide a foundation for the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The SOPs are linked to specific functional areas and identify distinct lines of responsibility within BOEM and BSEE for a wide breadth of program activities.