Revised Development and Production Plan for Point Arguello

Plains Exploration & Production Company (PXP) has revised its oil and gas Development and Production Plan (DPP) for the Point Arguello Unit. The revised DPP proposes to drill two wells from Platform Hidalgo in the Point Arguello Unit to extract Federal oil and gas reserves from Electra field, a previously undeveloped field adjacent to the Unit. Both Platform Hidalgo and Electra field are in existing Federal leases on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

In accordance with Federal regulations (30 CFR 550.266), BOEM conducted a completeness review of the revised DPP. On November 15, 2012, BOEM deemed the revised DPP submitted (complete) and commenced a compliance review, part of which is to develop a National Environmental Policy Act document to analyze the potential environmental effects of the proposal.

On November 16, 2012, BOEM provided copies of the revised DPP to Federal, state, and county agencies, and made it available for public review on this webpage (see below links) and in BOEM Pacific Region's public information office (760 Paseo Camarillo, Suite 102 (CM 102), Camarillo, CA 93010). The 60-day public comment period has ended. Comments and recommendations received from reviewers are being considered in BOEM's decision to approve, disapprove, or require modifications to the revised DPP.

Questions can be directed to BOEM Pacific Region Office of Strategic Resources at (805) 384-6305.

Revised DPP and Supporting Documents:

Revisions to the Platform Hidalgo DPP (main DPP document)

Accompanying Information Volume: 
1 - Geology 
2 - Reservoir Evaluation 
3 - Cementing Program and Muds and Cuttings 
4 - Gaviota Facilities 
5 - Environmental Evaluation 
6 - Biological Evaluation of Threatened and Endangered Species 
7 - Essential Fish Habitat Assessment 
8 - Coastal Zone Consistency Analysis and Findings 
Attachment A - Typical Well Control Equipment 
Attachment B - Typical Mud System 
Attachment C - Estimated Mud Composition 
Attachment D - Air Emission and Traffic Data 
Attachment E - OSRA Oil Spill Trajectories 
Attachment F - Worst Case Spill Calculations 
Attachment G - Oil Spill Risk Calculations 
Attachment H - Environmental Justice Calculations

Additional Information:

California Coastal Commission (CCC) asked for additional information and clarification about greenhouse gas emissions, via letter dated 12/5/2012. PXP responded via letter dated 12/13/2012. This correspondence is now available here:


Plains Exploration & Production Company (PXP) Response to Comments and/or Questions:

PXP reviewed the four comment/question letters from the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District, California Coastal Commission, and California Department of Fish and Wildlife which were sent by BOEM to PXP.  PXP compiled a response to the comments and/or questions via a letter to BOEM dated 02/15/2013.  This correspondence is available below:

The California Coastal Commission hearing scheduled for March 8 was noticed to BOEM. The CCC hearing will address the proposed PXP Development and Production Plan Revision for Platform Hidalgo.

The California Coastal Commission on 03/12/2013 notified BOEM via letter dated 03/11/2013 of the finalized decision/outcome of the CCC consistency review.

BOEM Final Decision:

BOEM on 5/2/2013 completed its review of the proposed revisions to the DPP for the Point Arguello Unit Platform Hidalgo. Based on this completed review, BOEM concludes that the project is technically and environmentally sound, and complies with Federal OCS oil and gas operating regulations and National Environmental Policy Act. Consequently, on 5/3/2013, BOEM issued an approval notice to PXP.