Technical Announcements 2003

2003-074 Modeling and Data Analyses of Circulation Processes in the Gulf of Mexico Final Report
2003-073 Proceedings: 22nd Annual Gulf of Mexico Information Transfer Meeting, January 2003
2003-072 Selected Aspects of the Ecology of the Continental Slope Fauna of the Gulf of Mexico: Synopsis of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope Study, 1983-1988
2003-070 Explosive Removal of Offshore Structures: Information Synthesis Report
2003-069 Sperm Whale Seismic Study in the Gulf of Mexico, Annual Report: Year 1
2003-065 Preparation of an Interactive Key for Northern Gulf of Mexico Polychaete Taxonomy Employing the DELTA/INTKEY System: Final Report
2003-063 Historical Reconstruction of the Contaminant Loading and Biological Responses in the Central Gulf of Mexico Shelf Sediments
Refining and Revising the Gulf of Mexico OCS Region High-Probability Model for Historic Shipwrecks: Final Report
2003-059 Shock Wave/Sound Propagation Modeling Results for Calculating Marine Protected Species Impact Zones during Explosive Removal of Offshore Structures
2003-050 Estimated Oil and Gas Reserves Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf, December 31, 2000
Deepwater Observations in the Northern Gulf of Mexico from In-site Current Meters and PIES, Volume I: Executive Summary and Volume II: Technical Report
2003-041 Changing Patterns of Ownership and Control in the Petroleum Industry: Implications on the Market for Oil and Gas Leases in the Gulf of Mexico OCS Region, 1983-1999
2003-040 Marine and Coastal Fishes Subject to Impingement by Cooling-Water Intake Systems in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: An Annotated Bibliography
2003-039 Oil Spill During Hurricane Lili, Ship Shoal Block 119 Responses, Fate, and Effects
2003-038 Environmental Justice Considerations in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana
2003-031 Long-Term Monitoring of the East and West Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, 1998-2001: Final Report
2003-030 Workshop on Deepwater Environmental Studies Strategy: A Five-Year Follow-Up and Planning for the Future, May 29-31, 2002
2003-029 Importance of Zooplankton in the Diets of Blue Runner (Caranx crysos)Near Offshore Petroleum Platforms in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
2003-028 Daily Oil and Gas Production Rate Projections From 2003 Through 2007, Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf
2003-026 Gulf of Mexico OCS Deep Shelf Gas Update: 2001-2002
2003-022 Labor Demand in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry in the 1990's: The Louisiana Case
2003-018 Modeling the Economic Impacts of Offshore Oil and Gas Activities in the Gulf of Mexico: Methods and Applications
2003-009 Rigs and Reefs: A Comparison of the Fish Communities at Two Artificial Reefs, a Production Platform, and a Natural Reef in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Final Report
2003-005 Proceedings: Twenty-first Annual Gulf of Mexico Information Transfer Meeting January 2002
2003-004 Dynamics of the Oil and Gas Industry in the Gulf of Mexico: 1980-2000; Final Report

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