Science Notes 2014

August 2014

Cover of BOEM Science Note August 2014In this issue:

  • The Science Behind the Atlantic G&G Decision
    The August Science Notes describes the science behind the recent Record of Decision on Geological and Geophysical (G&G) Activities in the Mid- and South Atlantic​, and aims to clear up a few misperceptions.

May 2014

Cover of BOEM Science Note May 2014In this issue:

  • Above and Below - BOEM Science Covers Oregon
    May's Science Note features three BOEM-funded environmental studies that will collectively expand our knowledge of physical conditions and biological resources offshore Oregon, an area that holds great promise for renewable energy. The collaborative research efforts between BOEM and other scientists will inform BOEM and our stakeholders as we plan for wind and wave energy development, including identifying potential sites and reviewing proposed projects.

March 2014

Cover of BOEM Science Notes March 2014In this issue:

  • TV special on Gulf of Mexico Coral Wonderland
    BOEM's March Science Note features the bureau's monitoring of the Flower Garden Banks coral communities in the Gulf, a 40 year endeavor. It coincides with Louisiana Public Broadcasting’s "Window in the Waves" special on this coral oasis, airing March 20.

January 2014

Cover of BOEM Science Note January 2014In this issue:

  • Science Team Member Describes U.S. Arctic Research Experience
    A BOEM fisheries oceanographer describes her Arctic research mission on the Beaufort Sea to study fish and other marine life. She was part of a team that included researchers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

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