Scientific and Technical Publications For 2009

To meet the demand for rapid dissemination of information many reports are now available on the web. Links below will take you to full text reports PDF format.

Copies of reports are available from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management free of charge, as long as supplies last by contacting the Alaska Region at Once the supply is exhausted, copies can be purchased from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) at, or borrowed through an Interlibrary Loan from the Alaska Resources Library & Information Services (ARLIS) or reviewed at participating Federal Depository libraries.

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Annual Assessment Annual Assessment of Subsistence Bowhead Whaling Near Cross Island, 2009 Season - April 2010
Supplemental | Appendix B  
MMS 2009-003 Subsistence Mapping of Nuiqsut, Kaktovik, and Barrow  
MMS 2009-004 Radio Frequency Identification Tags for Grizzly and Polar Bear Research
MMS 2009-005 Eleventh Information Transfer Meeting - Final Proceedings October 28, 29, 30, 2008  
MMS 2009-006   Synthesis: Three Decades of Research on Socioeconomic Effects Related to Offshore Petroleum Development in Coastal Alaska  
MMS 2009-007 Common Ravens (Corvus corax) Nesting on Alaska's North Slope Oil Fields
MMS 2009-014 cANIMIDA Tasks 3 and 4: Sources, Concentrations, Composition, Partitioning and Dispersion Pathways for Suspended Sediments and Potential Metal Contaminants in the Coastal Beaufort Sea  
MMS 2009-017 Mapping Sea Ice Overflood Using Remote Sensing: Smith Bay to Camden Bay,
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MMS 2009-030 Researching Technical Dialogue with Alaskan Coastal Communities: Analysis of the Social, Cultural, Linguistic, and Institutional Parameters of Public/Agency Communication Patterns
Appendix A | Appendix B 
MMS 2009-034 Pre-migratory Ecology and Physiology of Shorebirds Staging on Alaska's North Slope
MMS 2009-035 Circulation and Water Property Variations in the Nearshore Alaskan Beaufort Sea (1999-2007)
MMS 2009-036 Migration of King and Common Eiders Past Point Barrow, Alaska, during Summer/Fall 2002 through Spring 2004: Population Trends and Effects of Wind  
MMS 2009-037 cANIMIDA Task 5: Integrated Biomonitoring and Bioaccumulation of Contaminants in Biota of the cANIMDA Study Area, 2004 - 2006 Field Seasons
Appendices A-F  
MMS 2009-038 Annual Assessment of Subsistence Bowhead Whaling Near Cross Island, 2001-2007
MMS 2009-040 Long-Term Monitoring of the Kelp Community in the Stefansson Sound Boulder Patch: Detection of Change Related to Oil and Gas Development  
MMS 2009-041 Seasonality of Boundary Conditions for Cook Inlet, Alaska
MMS 2009-049   Surface Circulation Radar Mapping in Alaskan Coastal Waters: Beaufort Sea and Cook Inlet
MMS 2009-062 Technical Manual for a Coupled Sea-Ice/Ocean Circulation Model (Version 3)  
MMS 2009-063 Traditional Knowledge Regarding Bowhead Whales in the Chukchi Sea near Wainwright, Alaska