Resource Assessment Reports

Resource Evaluation prepares reports that describe the geology and petroleum potential of specific areas within the Alaska OCS. These geologic reports form part of the public information base for decision-making with regard to lease offerings. The reports treat a wide range of topics, including regional geology, petroleum geology, and environmental geology.


Integration of Multiple Data Types for Constraints on Basin Container and Fill in the Shelikof Strait Cook Inlet OCS, Alaska, November 2019  

North Aleutian Shelf COST No. 1 Well - 2009 Palynological Biostratigraphic Report: Bujak Research International (BRI) Ltd., November 2009 

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2006 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Assessment


Structure of Hanna Trough and Facies of Ellesmerian Sequence Fill - Abstract and Two Posters Presented at Joint AAPG-GAS-SPE Conference 08-10 May 2006

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Petroleum Potential of the Arctic Offshore of Alaska - Abstract and Powerpoint Presentation Delivered to Geophysical Society of Alaska, April 2006

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2006 Oil and Gas Assessment of North Aleutian Basin Planning Area

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Engineering and Economic Analysis of Natural Gas Production in the Norton Basin


2006 Assessment, Undiscovered Resources, Alaska Federal Offshore


Poster Display, Arctic Federal Offshore, 2000 Oil & Gas Assessment

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Economic Study of the Burger Gas Discovery, Chukchi Shelf, Northwest Alaska, December 2004


Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources, Alaska Federal Offshore, December 2000 Update

Prospects For Development of Alaska Natural Gas: A Review as of January 2001

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Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources, Alaska Federal Offshore, as of January 1995

North Aleutian Shelf COST No. 1 Well - BIOSTRATIGRAPHICS Inc. Paleo Report, January 1983