Empire Offshore Wind DEIS Commercial Wind Lease OCS-A 0512

Volume I: Chapters 1-3
Volume II:  Appendices A-L 

  • Appendix A:  Required Environmental Permits and Consultations
  • Appendix B:  References Cited
  • Appendix C:  List of Preparers and Reviewers, and Glossary
  • Appendix D:  Analysis of Incomplete or Unavailable Information
  • Appendix E:  Project Design Envelope and Maximum-Case Scenario
  • Appendix F:  Planned Activities Scenario
  • Appendix G:  Assessment of Resources with Minor (or Lower) Adverse Impacts
  • Appendix H:  Mitigation and Monitoring
  • Appendix I:  Supplemental Information
  • Appendix J:  Overview of Acoustic Modeling Report
  • Appendix K:  List of Agencies, Organizations, and Persons to Whom Copies of the Statement Are Sent
  • Appendix L:  Other Impacts

 Volume III:  Appendices M-P

  • Appendix M: Seascape, Landscape, and Visual Impact Assessment
  • Appendix N:  Finding of Adverse Effect for the Empire Wind Construction and Operations Plan

Volume IV: Appendices O-P