Massachusetts Activities

What's New?

On August 18th, the Department of the Interior announced two significant milestones in its efforts to advance offshore wind planning and leasing in the Gulf of Maine:

  • Request for Interest (RFI) – first step in the commercial leasing process for the Gulf of Maine​
  • Request for Competitive Interest (RFCI) – Response to State of Maine research application 

On August 29, 2022, BOEM announced the availability of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed Revolution Wind Farm project offshore Rhode Island.

Efforts Underway

There are several renewable energy efforts underway offshore Massachusetts. 

Related Press Releases

Gulf of Maine Task Force

In January of 2019, Governor Christopher Sununu of the State of New Hampshire requested the establishment of an intergovernmental offshore wind renewable energy Task Force for the state. Given the regional nature of offshore wind energy development, BOEM has decided to establish a Gulf of Maine Task Force – including representation from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and federally recognized Tribes in the area. For more information, please visit:

Environmental Studies

BOEM has funded or considered numerous studies to collect information about the marine environment to support decisions concerning offshore renewable energy development. For more information, please visit:

Public Engagement

BOEM coordinates Outer Continental Shelf renewable energy activities offshore Massachusetts with its federal, state, local, and tribal government partners through its Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Task Force. BOEM also coordinates public information meetings to help keep interested stakeholders updated on major renewable energy milestones. To obtain information discussed during these meetings click on the links below.

Visual Simulations

In response to stakeholder interest regarding visual impacts from potential future renewable energy development within the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Wind Energy Areas, BOEM undertook a project to develop daytime and nighttime photomontages and 24 hour day-through-night videos to simulate what turbines might look like if these six lease areas were fully developed.