BOEM Leadership

BOEM is led by a Director appointed by the Secretary of the Interior. The Director is supported by senior executives who manage national programs, policy and budget in the Bureau's Washington, D.C. Headquarters. Each of the Bureau's three Regions (Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific) has a Regional Director responsible for management and program implementation. 


Acting Director
Dr. Walter Cruickshank
Deputy Director Walter Cruickshank



Budget & Program Coordination
James Anderson
Renewable Energy
James Bennett
Office of Congressional Affairs
Lee Tilton
Office of Public Affairs
Connie Gillette
Budget & Program Chief James Anderson Renewable Energy Chief James Bennett Lee Tilton Connie Gillette



Strategic Resources
Renee Orr
Policy, Regulation, & Analysis
Deanna Meyer-Pietruszka
Environmental Program
William Brown
Orr Policy, Regulation, & Analysis Chief Deanna Meyers-Pietruska Chief Environmental Officer Bill Brown
Regional Directors
Dr. James Kendall
Gulf of Mexico
Mike Celata
Joan Barminski
Alaska Regional Director James Kendall Celata Joan Barminski