Ocean Science

Ocean Science is the science and technology journal of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).  The bureau funds on average $30 million per year for scientific studies in the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Arctic.  Data gained from these studies inform policy decisions regarding offshore oil, natural gas and renewable energy development.  The information is also used by other federal and state agencies in decision-making and by members of academia and experts in the private sector.  BOEM is one of the leading contributors to the body of scientific knowledge about the nation’s marine and coastal environments. 


December/January/February/March 2018

BOEM Ocean Science Cover

  • What's on the Shelf ? Assessing Oil and Gas Resources on the OCS
  • BOEM and USGS Collaborate on the National Archive of Marine Seismic Surveys
  • BOEM's Billion-Pixel Gulf of Mexico Seafloor Map
  • Geosciences in the Pacific: Using Technology and Collaboration in Managing Oil and Gas Resources
  • Visualizing 3D Data in the Gulf of Mexico Region
  • Vibrating on Ice: Unique Methods to Image the Arctic Sub-Seabed
  • Methane Hydrates on the OCS
  • Continuous Learning on the Outcrop: BOEM Earth Scientists Take to the Field



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