Lease Sales

Sale NumberAreaYear
262Gulf of Mexico:  GOM Program Area2025
263Gulf of Mexico:  GOM Program Area2027
264Gulf of Mexico:  GOM Program Area2029

Sale NumberAreaYear
249Gulf of Mexico Region2017
250Gulf of Mexico Region2018
251Gulf of Mexico Region2018
252Gulf of Mexico Region2019
253Gulf of Mexico Region2019
254Gulf of Mexico Region2020
256Gulf of Mexico Region2020
257Gulf of Mexico Region2021
258Cook Inlet2022
259Gulf of Mexico Region2023
261Gulf of Mexico Region2023

Sale NumberAreaYear
229Western Gulf of Mexico2012
227Central Gulf of Mexico2013
233Western Gulf of Mexico2013
225Eastern Gulf of Mexico2014
231Central Gulf of Mexico2014
238Western Gulf of Mexico2014
235Central Gulf of Mexico2015
242Beaufort Sea2015
246Western Gulf of Mexico2015
226Eastern Gulf of Mexico2016
241Central Gulf of Mexico2016
237Chukchi Sea2016
248Western Gulf of Mexico2016
247Central Gulf of Mexico2017
244Cook Inlet2017

Sale NumberAreaYear
204Western Gulf of Mexico2007
205Central Gulf of Mexico2007
193Chukchi Sea2008
206Central Gulf of Mexico2008
224Eastern Gulf of Mexico2008
207Western Gulf of Mexico2008
208Central Gulf of Mexico2009
209Beaufort Sea2009
210Western Gulf of Mexico2009
211Cook Inlet2009
212Chukchi Sea2010
213Central Gulf of Mexico2010
215Western Gulf of Mexico2010
216Central Gulf of Mexico2011
217Beaufort Sea2011
214North Aleutian Basin2011
218Western Gulf of Mexico2011
219Cook Inlet2011
221Chukchi Sea2012
222Central Gulf of Mexico2012

Sale NumberAreaYear
184Western Gulf of Mexico2002
185Central Gulf of Mexico2003
186Beaufort Sea2003
187 Western Gulf of Mexico2003
188Norton Basin2003
189Eastern Gulf of Mexico2003
190Central Gulf of Mexico2004
191Cook Inlet/Shelikof Strait2004
192Western Gulf of Mexico2004
193Chukchi Sea/Hope Basin2004
194Central Gulf of Mexico2005
195Beaufort Sea2005
196Western Gulf of Mexico2005
197Eastern Gulf of Mexico2005
198Central Gulf of Mexico2006
199Cook Inlet/Shelikof Strait2006
200Western Gulf of Mexico2006
201Central Gulf of Mexico2007
202Beaufort Sea2007
203Chukchi Sea/Hope Basin2007

Sale NumberAreaYear
168Western Gulf of Mexico1997
169Central Gulf of Mexico1998
170Beaufort Sea1998
171Western Gulf of Mexico1998
172Central Gulf of Mexico1999
173Cook Inlet/Shelikof Strait2001
174Western Gulf of Mexico1999
175Central Gulf of Mexico2000
176Beaufort Sea2000
177Western Gulf of Mexico2000
178, Pt 1  178, Pt 2Central Gulf of Mexico2001
179Gulf of Alaska2002
180Western Gulf of Mexico2001
181Eastern Gulf of Mexico2001
182Central Gulf of Mexico2002
183Chukchi Sea/Hope BasinAnnual

Sale NumberAreaYear
141Western Gulf of Mexico1992
142Central Gulf of Mexico1993
143Western Gulf of Mexico1993
147Central Gulf of Mexico1994
150Western Gulf of Mexico1994
153St. George Basin (deferred)1994
152Central Gulf of Mexico1995
155Western Gulf of Mexico1995
151Eastern Gulf of Mexico1995
157Central Gulf of Mexico1996
164Mid-/South Atlantic (deferred)1996
144Beaufort Sea1996
161Western Gulf of Mexico1996
149Cook Inlet/Shelikof Strait1996
148Chukchi Sea1997
159Hope Basin1997
166Central Gulf of Mexico1997
158Gulf of Alaska1997