Ocean Science 2008 Archive

Ocean Science Oct Nov Dec  2008

 October/November/December 2008

  • In Good Company - Partnerships Advance MMS Objectives
  • Sea Otter Research Expedition to Bering Island - Northwest to Russia
  • Wildlife Biologist Greg Sanders
  • Sea Otter
  • Dynamics of the Loop Current in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico
  • 2008 Hurricane Season
  • Cold-Water Corals - Deepwater Coral Expedition in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Study of Inspection Methodologies for Offshore Wind Turbines
  • Alternative Energy Markets and Infrastructure Needs
  • Feasting on Oil - MMS-Funded Study Reveals Organisms that Eat Oil
  • West Coast Governors Take Action
  • New Waves - Late-Breaking News & Information

Ocean Science Jul Aug Sep 2008

July/August/September 2008

  • Alternative Energy and Alternate Uses - Leases and Proposed Regulations
  • Technology Assessment and Research (TAR) Program Addresses New Challenges
  • North Pacific Right Whale
  • North Aleutian Basin Scoping Meetings
  • Oceanographic Study of Bristol Bay
  • Senior Marine Archaeologist Dave Ball
  • Preserving and Respecting U.S. Maritime History in the Atlantic
  • Western Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 207
  • Updated Whales and Dolphins Poster
  • Biotechnology and Marine Organisms on Southern California Offshore Platforms
  • New Waves - Late-Breaking News & Information

Ocean Science Apr May Jun 2008

April/May/June 2008

  • Water World - MMS Stewardship and Supervision of the Ocean Environment
  • Bringing Up the Past - "Mardi Gras" Shipwreck Excavation
  • New Frontiers on the Horizon
  • Reaching Out - Establishing Limits on the Continental Shelf
  • Sounds of the Sea - Sperm Whale Research in the Gulf of Mexico
  • New Development in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Pushing New Limits - Ohmsett Tests High-Capacity Skimming Systems
  • Oil and Gas Revenues Fund the Future
  • Ocean Sciences Meeting in Orlando
  • New Waves - Late-Breaking News & Information

Ocean Science Jan Feb Mar 2008

January/February/March 2008

  • Deep-sea Cornucopia: Unwrapping the Ocean's Potential
  • Uncovering Possibilities in the Chukchi Sea
  • Shell and NOAA Pool Resources in the Gulf
  • Exploring the Details of the Detail
  • Working in the Ice: TAR Evaluates Arctic Offshore Technology
  • Shelling Out for the Shore - Coastal Impact Assistance Program Funds Protection of Louisiana's Shoreline
  • Harvesting the Deep: Marine Biotechnology Research and Potential
  • Rigging Up Residence: Rigs-to-Reefs Program Creates New Habitats for Underwater Species
  • Offshore Operations Inspection - Safe Resource Development Has Its Rewards
  • MMS Receives Award for Study of Shipwrecks as Artificial Reefs
  • The MMS Portfolio - Published Professionals
  • New Waves - Late-Breaking News & Information


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