Ocean Science 2011 Archive

July/August/September 2011Ocean Science Jul Aug Sep 2011

  • The Raven: A Stealthy Research Tool
  • Seeps in the Deep
  • Evaluating Offshore Structure Design Standards
  • Comparing Offshore Structural Standards
  • The Bottlenose Dolphin
  • Insights: Migrant Shorebirds and Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf Wind Energy
  • Update: Tracking Long-Distance Migrating Red Knots
  • Exploring the Atlantic Canyons: First Expedition
  • New Waves: Late-Breaking News & Information

April/May/June 2011Ocean Science Apr May Jun 2011

  • Recruiting for the Future
  • Gulf SERPENT: Exploring the Darkest Depths with Industry Partners
  • Siphonophores: Colonies or Multicellular Creatures?
  • BOEMRE and Oregon Form Offshore Renewable Energy Task Force
  • BOEMRE's 26th Gulf of Mexico Information Transfer Meeting
  • First International Ministerial Forum on Offshore Drilling Containment
  • Offshore Technology Conference 2011: Technology, Science, and Regulatory Updates
  • New Waves:  Late-Breaking News & Information 

January/February/March 2011Ocean Science Jan Feb Mar 2011

  • Update:  National Ocean Policy and Coastal Marine Spatial Planning
  • Collaborative Projects Receive Conservation Awards
  • Charting Currents in the Chukchi Sea
  • BOEMRE Geologist: Bryan Stephens
  • Subsidence in Southeast Louisiana:  A Deep Perspective
  • MARINe:  Monitoring Our Rocky Coastal Intertidal Communities
  • Go-Kits Outfit Biologists for Quick Response and More
  • New Waves:  Late-Breaking News & Information


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