Ocean Science 2017 Archive

August/September/October/Nov 2017

Ocean Science Aug/Sept/Oct 2017

  • BOEM's Marine Minerals Program—A Small Program with National Impact
  • Long Beach Island Restoration, NJ
  • Canaveral Shoals Case Study: Understanding the Ecological Function of Shoals for Fish
  • Searching for Sand with a Laptop
  • Tiny Fish, Big Impact
  • Large Scale Coastal Improvements and Restoration in Mississippi and Louisiana
  • Caminada Headland Restoration Project
  • Beach Renourishment: Addressing Impacts to Sea Turtles and Other Species
  • ASTER—Analyzing Sea Turtle Entrainment Risk
  • Satellite Tagging Sea Turtles in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Gulf of Mexico Sediment Search Underway
  • Partnerships to Promote Coastal Resiliency
  • The California Coastal Sediment Management Working Group Explores Sand for Offshore
  • California Marine Minerals Resource Assessment Study
  • Sharing Information through the Marine Minerals Information System and Regional Planning Bodies Data Portals

April/May/June 2017


  • Recruiting the Next Generation of Ocean Scientists
  • Alaska Native Exploration, Education, and Outreach 
  • STEM Activities from the Top: BOEM Headquarters Leading by Example
  • Engaging Stakeholders and the Next Generation of Scientists in the Gulf of Mexico Region
  • Citizen Science and Education in the Pacific Region

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