Ocean Science 2013 Archive

Ocean Science is the science and technology journal of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).  The bureau funds on average $30 million per year for scientific studies in the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Arctic.  Data gained from these studies inform policy decisions regarding offshore oil, natural gas and renewable energy development.  The information is also used by other federal and state agencies in decision-making and by members of academia and experts in the private sector.  BOEM is one of the leading contributors to the body of scientific knowledge about the nation’s marine and coastal environments. 

April/May/June 2013

Ocean Science Apr May Jun 2013

  • Honoring 40 Years of Applied Ocean Science
  • Partnerships in Science: Research on the Alaska OCS
  • Atlantic Environmental Baseline Studies Pivotal to Marine Planning
  • A History of Biological Investigations and Discovery in the Gulf of Mexico
  • From Baseline to Beyond: 40 Years of Pacific Environmental Studies
  • Sustained Commitment to OCS Stewardship Through Long-Term Environmental Monitoring
  • Spotlight on Our Science Team
  • New Waves: Late-Breaking News & Information

January/February/March 2013

Ocean Science Jan Feb Mar 2013

  • We Are an Arctic Nation
  • BOEM’s Newest Five Year Program
  • Developing a Five Year Program is a Team Effort
  • Spotlight on a Scientist: Bill Shedd
  • Economics Division Chief, Marshall Rose
  • BOEM’s New Vision for Programmatic Environmental Impact Statements
  • Environmental Studies Support Decision Making for the Five Year Program
  • EcoSpatial Information Database Delivers Georeferenced Ecological Information
  • New Waves: Late-Breaking News & Information


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