Ocean Science 2009 Archive

October/November/December 2009 Ocean Science Oct Nov Dec 2009

  • The MMS and Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning
  • Mapping Out a National Ocean Policy
  • What is Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning?
  • The Multipurpose Marine Cadastre: A Tool for Sharing Marine Spatial Data
  • Three Atlantic States' Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning Efforts
  • MMS's Environmental Studies Program: Science That Never Sleeps
  • Partnerships Helping the Flower Garden Banks Grow
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing
  • Studies in the Arctic: Not Your Father's Research Tools!
  • New Waves - Late-Breaking News & Information

July/August/September 2009Ocean Science Jul Aug Sep 2009

  • Ocean Science Welcomes Liz Birnbaum, 10th Director of the Minerals Management Service
  • The Big Picture: Mexico-U.S. Loop Current Studies
  • Physical Oceanographer - Alexis Lugo-Fernandez
  • Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle
  • MMS Issues First Offshore Wind Development Exploratory Leases
  • Gulf State Park Pier: Alabama's First CIAP Grant Project
  • Migratory Bird Conservation and Interagency Collaboration
  • Tracking the Red Knot
  • Making Waves: Renewable Energy Testing at Ohmsett
  • Superstructure ice Protection Technologies
  • Kudos to Dr. Ann Jochens: 2009 MMS Offshore Leadership Award
  • New Waves - Late-Breaking News & Information

April/May/June 2009  Ocean Science Apr May Jun 2009

  • Ken Salazar, the 50th Secretary of the Interior
  • Energy in Motion: Researching Designs, Standards for Wave and Current Energy-Generating Devices
  • First Alaska CIAP Grant Awarded: Noise Monitoring in the Chukchi Sea
  • Alaska Native Hunters and Whalers - Actively Engage in Satellite Tracking Studies
  • The Long-Lived Bowhead Whale
  • Marine Ecologist - Chuck Monnett
  • BOEM-India Cooperation and Exchange - Improves Environmental and Human Safety
  • Department of the Interior Partners in Conservation Awards
  • Final Rule for Renewable Energy Development on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf
  • New Waves - Late-Breaking News & Information

January/February/March 2009   Ocean Science Jan Feb Mar 2009

  • Starting the New Year in the Crescent City: 25th Gulf of Mexico Region ITM
  • Gulf of Mexico Region Leasing Activity Update
  • Petroleum Engineer - Michael Else
  • Marco Polo: Full-Scale Monitoring of a Deepwater Tension-Leg Platform
  • Mapping Oil Thickness in Coastal and Offshore Waters
  • Gulf Sturgeon: A Peculiar Prehistoric Fish
  • Alaska Research Forum
  • The Hunt for the Real Western Empire
  • Coastal Impact Assistance Program Helps Coastal Areas
  • New Waves - Late-Breaking News & Information


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