Ocean Science 2012 Archive

October/November/December 2012

Ocean Science Oct Nov Dec 2012
  • The Marine Minerals Program: Meeting the Needs of Our Nation's Coastline
  • The Value of Marine Minerals Program Studies
  • The Success of Marine Minerals Program Projects
  • Spotlight on Studies: Gulf of Mexico Hydrates and the Hydrate Research Consortium
  • Preserving History Within Sand Extraction Areas
  • The Marine Mineral Resource Potential of the Pacific Outer Continental Shelf
  • New Waves: Late-Breaking News and Information

April/May/June 2012

Ocean Science Apr May Jun 2012
  • Science in Transformation
  • Traditional Knowledge and Sociocultural Studies
  • Subsistence Use Mapping Reveals Valuable Traditional Knowledge
  • Integrating Traditional Knowledge into Biological Resource Studies
  • Cultural Landscapes: Traditional Knowledge Across the Pacific Rim
  • Fenton Rexford (Interview), Tribal Administrator of the Native Village of Kaktovik
  • Where Do We Go From Here?  

January/February/March 2012

Ocean Science Jan Feb Mar 2012
  • BOEM’s Renewable Energy Program: Smart Initiatives Lead to Offshore Progress
  • Roundup of State Activities
  • BOEM and Partners to Study Offshore Renewable Energy: Collaboration Pursues Answers to a Sea of Development Questions
  • Evaluating Potential Visual Impacts on Historic and Cultural Resources
  • Spotlight on Studies: Compendium of Avian Information and Comprehensive GIS Database for the Atlantic
  • For the Birds: An Overview of Renewable Energy-Related Avian Studies


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