Ocean Science 2018

August/September/October/November 2018

Ocean science aug2018

  • Sharing the Ocean with Marine Mammals
  • From Tagging to Traditional Knowledge: Marine Mammal Studies in Alaska
  • Examining Marine Mammals in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Taking a Closer Look at Marine Mammals in the Pacific Region
  • Listening for Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises along the Atlantic Coast

April/May/June/July 2018

April/May/June/July 2018

  • What are the Physical Sciences?
  • Understanding Ocean Circulation in Alaska's Arctic Waters
  • Physical Sciences Studies in the Atlantic Region: Anticipate, Estimate, and Integrate
  • From the Seafloor to the Sky: Physical Sciences in the Gulf of Mexico Region
  • Modeling Studies Inform Conventional and Renewable Energy Activities in the Pacific Region

December/January/February/March 2018

BOEM Ocean Science Cover

  • What's on the Shelf ? Assessing Oil and Gas Resources on the OCS
  • BOEM and USGS Collaborate on the National Archive of Marine Seismic Surveys
  • BOEM's Billion-Pixel Gulf of Mexico Seafloor Map
  • Geosciences in the Pacific: Using Technology and Collaboration in Managing Oil and Gas Resources
  • Visualizing 3D Data in the Gulf of Mexico Region
  • Vibrating on Ice: Unique Methods to Image the Arctic Sub-Seabed
  • Methane Hydrates on the OCS
  • Continuous Learning on the Outcrop: BOEM Earth Scientists Take to the Field


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